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Additional Floormasters Services

  • Subfloor Repair Service
    Subfloor Repair Service
    Even the most well-built properties eventually require repairs to subflooring. From repairing lightweight concrete and plywood to reinstalling flooring, Floormasters service team’s' expertise ensures minimal disruption and expedited project completion.
  • Flooring Odor Removal
    Flooring Odor Removal
    To effectively remove odors, the cause must be removed from the flooring.  Floormasters identifies the location of the odor, sometimes using black light if a visual inspection does not reveal the source.  Once identified, the odor source is treated with a special blend of enzymes.  This special formula breaks down the odor at its source rather than just masking it.
  • Mold and Mildew Treatment
    Mold and Mildew Treatment
    Mold and mildew can make even the most well-appointed spaces look old and dirty.  Floormasters uses a non-invasive formula to remove mold and mildew from flooring and prevent it from returning.
  • Services from Partners
    Services from Partners
    Floormasters can recommend other service providers from its list of approved partners, including:
    • Commercial carpet cleaning
    • Commercial floor cleaning
    • Walk-off mats
    • Pest control
    • Multi-family general contractors
    • Paint
    • Window treatments