Flooring Installation & Repair, Subfloor Repair Service, Odor Removal and Mold & Mildew Treatment
Floormasters Services

All Floormasters services are performed by certified installers, who are known not just for their quality workmanship, but also for being accommodating and courteous.  On-site inspections by operations managers confirm that all installations are performed without errors and that the property is move-in ready with no additional cleaning required.  Every installation comes with a two-year service warranty and, if there are issues with the materials, Floormasters will work with the manufacturer to activate the product warranty.

Hallmarks of Floormasters Service include:

  • Focus on making life easier for property managers and maintenance supervisors.
  • Certified installers, trained to deliver quality work quickly to minimize disruption.
  • Same-day or next-day emergency service available.
  • Team brings latest techniques, knowledge of regulations and safety-first commitment to all projects.
  • From 2007, and over 273,000 installations, fewer than 0.01% of installations have had reportable insurance claims.

Floormasters Service Team

More than half of Floormasters installers have been with Company for 10+ years and all installers successfully complete Floormasters Installer Certification program through Floormasters University.  In addition, all employees have passed a comprehensive background screening.

All Floormasters employees are properly insured and Floormasters is wage and hour compliant.

In addition to our great installers, we have a great Customer Service Team.  Each property now has their very own Personal Customer Service Representative within Customer Service, who is committed to knowing you and your property.  You can email or call your PCSR directly and they will take care of you orders, changes, challenges, questions, clarifications, etc.