Floormasters Sheet Vinyl Products
Sheet Vinyl Products

Durability with Variety of Designs

Floormasters offers a variety of sheet vinyl products to meet your needs.  Our products are:

  • Moisture resistant – no cracking, curling, expanding or contracting
  • Fiberglass core ensures stability and resilience
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Repairs can be isolated to damaged area and are virtually unnoticeable
  • Built for performance – no scuffs, no stains, no slips
  • Easy to clean – repels dirt and grime
  • High-definition colors and realistic visuals
  • Cushion backing for support and durability also reduces impact noise and sound transmission
  • Unnoticeable seams
  • Realistic visuals – fine-dot screen enables razor sharp designs that are nearly impossible to differentiate from any natural product
  • Double fiberglass core encapsulates a PVC inner layer to provide strength and flexibility
  • Solid PVC backing provides strength and stability

Sheet Vinyl — Stratamax Collection