Floormasters Overview of Products

Top-Performing Products for Short-Term and Long-Term Multi-Family Needs

Floormasters has built its reputation as Northern California’s best flooring solutions provider by consistently delivering not just top-quality service, but also top-performing products for short-term and long-term multi-family needs.  The team works closely with clients to help them select the right products that provide optimal performance, so that flooring continues to look good through multiple tenants – minimizing downtime, increasing return on investment and lowering flooring installation costs.  And, Floormasters’ entire product offering takes into consideration clients’ design and price requirements.

Product Evaluation

Flooring is a proven way to differentiate a property and increase rental value.  To ensure that Floormasters always has the best flooring that represents the latest innovations and highest performing selection of carpet, sheet vinyl and vinyl plank, a product evaluation team studies trends, conducts interviews and subjects products to rigorous testing.  All products in Floormasters’ inventory are supported by empirical data that is used for ROI and prorate calculators.

The Floormasters’ team keeps a close eye on product and design trends, following the trade press and talking to clients to ensure that the products in inventory are contemporary and meet current needs.  Inventory is kept fresh with regular updates of products that pass a rigorous evaluation program. 

The product evaluation program starts with a review of the latest materials, from both existing and new vendors.  The team assesses the offerings to identify interesting new products, conducts tests on select products in Floormasters’ workshop, reviews the warranties and assesses the providers’ ability to meet demand.  The products that pass this phase of testing are sent to a third-party lab for stress testing (e.g., carpets walk and stain tested; hard surfaces tested for abrasion, discoloring and scuffing). 

 CARPET — Nylon – Treated with Stain & Soil Resistance System

Sheet Vinyl — Stratamax Collection

Vinyl Plank