What customers say about working with Floormasters

Hear What Customers Say About Working with Floormasters

I am impressed with Floormasters’ customer service, making sure you receive the right product for the job, and always coming through for us when we need it. Their overall service has been outstanding.

Michelle Hamamura

Facilities Coordinator for California


EAH Housing

The Floormasters team has a focus on quality. They request intense product and installation training, as well as frequent refresher training which results in professional installations and end user satisfaction. In the multi-family and commercial flooring segments, choosing the right product for the application, and providing professional installation makes all the difference.

Jim Chepalis

Director of Distribution and Strategic Accounts



I find your company well respected by both your customers and competitors. You have a great reputation in the marketplace. I must admit it gives my company added credibility when we say you purchase from us.

Chris J. Mulenos

West Coast Regional Manager


Leggett & Platt Carpet Cushion

The people you have working in your office and outlying branches are top notch and always a pleasure for my team to work with.

Along with a carpet cushion customer, you’ve also become a large scrap supplier, selling us back the old cushion pulled from your jobsites. Last year, you supplied us with over 972,000 pounds that we recycled into new cushion and kept out of landfills. That’s a really big deal.

You’ve been a trusted business partner of Leggett & Platt, Inc. since October 2003, over 11 years now. During those years, you have paid on time and often early, earning you a large credit line which is something we don’t give out easily.

Floormasters has high quality personnel which strive to meet customers’ expectations. Mohawk would not hesitate to recommend Floormasters for your flooring needs in the California market.

Fred J Harris

Region Manager-West



Floormasters has been a trusted business partner of Mohawk for over 10 years and enjoys a positive reputation in the California market.

Even warranty work is a breeze with Floormasters, they deal with the manufacturer so I don’t have to and I cannot tell you how much time that saves me.

Travis Hartmark

Regional Service Director


Sequoia Equities

I have personally dealt with a large number of Floormasters employees and they have always given me the best customer service, whether it’s someone taking an order, an installer, or management personnel, they have always taken care of me and my team members no matter the reason.

Floormasters has been very instrumental in helping my company become greener while also keeping us within our budget constraints. It has done the leg work for us year after year in offering greener products for us to use as well as negotiating pricing for us from the manufacturers. I can't express enough gratitude to Floormasters for this as we are not only helping to save the environment, but we honestly feel that we are also getting the best quality products for the best price.

I have personally inspected somewhere near 1000 jobs over my 10 years in working with Floormasters. So, I have seen more than my fair share of flooring installations and Floormasters has installed quality workmanship every time.

Floormasters is always prompt and does the job right the first time and of the highest quality. You can really tell that they spend a lot of time training their installers because no matter who they send out for a job, every job gets completed at a very high quality standard.

I have been in the apartment industry for over 13 years both at the property site level and at the corporate level, and I must say that Floormasters is the easiest flooring vendor that I have ever dealt with. Their customer service is second to none.

I am impressed with Floormasters’ customer service, making sure you receive the right product for the job, and always coming through for us when we need it. Their overall service has been outstanding.

Michelle Hamamura

Facilities Coordinator for California


EAH Housing

Floormasters does quality installs and provides excellent customer service while being competitive in pricing. They make my problems go away, when it comes to flooring.

JC Mooney

Maintenance Manager


Alexan Midtown

Floormasters always delivers on their promises and stands 100% behind their work. Anyone can provide flooring, but not everyone can deliver superior service like Floormasters.

Jeff Bosshard

CPM Executive Vice President


Woodmont Real Estate Services

Floormasters is much more than a flooring provider – they are a trusted business partner. The company truly understands what constitutes exceptional customer service.

To say that Floormasters came through is an understatement. They stayed within our budget, on schedule and the floor turned out absolutely beautiful.

Lexi Paza

MSW, Program and Outreach Manager


Housing Industry Foundation

We can’t say enough good things about Floormasters. We worked with Floormasters because we knew we’d get the best quality of work without overextending our budget.

We sincerely appreciate the support Floormasters has given to RHA over the years and look forward to working with them in the future.

Julia Freeland

RHA (Rental Housing Association)

Between Hayward and Sacramento we recycle 1,300,000 square yards, which is 852 miles, of carpet annually. That is enough carpet to stretch from the California-Oregon border to the California-Mexico border.

Don Lau

President and CEO